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Dear Friends and Supporters,

After ten years of unwavering support for the Computer Museum of America, our major funder has informed me that it is no longer able to provide the support we need. The Museum doors will close on January 15, 2005 at Coleman College. This is not the kind of news I want to start the New Year with, but I am confident that the hard work of the Museum volunteers and staff over these past ten years will continue. I will be exploring every avenue to find new sources of financial support, with the hope of re-opening the Museum in the San Diego area in the near future. Your help and assistance in the past has been invaluable. In the coming months, you can continue that service by telling your friends and family about the Museum and how it has benefited the community. As we seek our future, I believe we can find solutions to the problems we face. Your ideas, contacts and efforts will contribute to that success. So…call, E-mail, write or shout at me, whatever it takes, until no stone is unturned and we have fulfilled our objective to save the CMA.

David Weil
Curator/Executive Director


2006 San Diego Computer Museum
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