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IBM 024 80-Column Card Punch
1950s - 1960s
Serial X-SB-024 42779 AT

Using this machine, the Keypunch operator would record computer program instructions or data onto 80-column punch cards. This was the first station in the tabulating process.

Donor: Steve Kiblinger, Control Data Corp. (Business Center)

IBM Card Verifier

The card verifier was used to double check the work of the Keypunch Operators. Because the cost of operating the mainframe computer was so high, the information was rekeyed and differences were resolved prior to being submitted for computer processing. This is the second station in the tabulating process.

Donor: Mike Province

IBM Card Sorting Machine
Serial #082R0366L8

The IBM Card Sorter was used to group 80-column punch cards in order to create subtotals. The cards were sorted column by column into alphanumeric sequence. The card sorting machine is the fourth station in the tabulating process.

Donor: Diane Daley, San Diego Transit Corporation

80-Column Card Punch

Card Verifier

Card Sorting Machine

2006 San Diego Computer Museum
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