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Apple II
Late 1970s

The early success of Apple Computer Inc. is legend. The Apple II faced competition from several companies marketing computers to home and small business users. The Ohio Scientific Challenger, the Exidy Sorcerer and the Processor Technology Sol-20 were all competing in the (then) - tiny personal computer market. None of these companies could survive the challenge of Apple's products or sway its loyal followers.

Dubbed the "people's computer," the Apple II's history is similar to many Silicon Valley companies that began in a garage.

Stephen Wozniak built a single-board computer and named it the Apple I. He and Steve Jobs, whom he knew from Hewlett-Packard, took it to the Homebrew Computer Club. It was an instant hit. They sold 220 Apple I kits (priced at $666.66). In 1977, Wozniak and Jobs co-founded Apple Computer Inc. The assembled and upgraded Apple I was then introduced as the Apple II.


2006 San Diego Computer Museum
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